Milan Mall Gives Mickey D’s The Boot To Make Room For (2nd) Prada Store

No happy meal today, junior.

I’ve never been to Milan, but if it’s anything like Houston, Texas (which I hear it isn’t), there’s a McDonald’s strategically located any where humans are known to exist.

Which makes this story all the more interesting, considering Mickey D’s is the biggest burger joint the the world.

Perhaps patrons were sick of getting Big Mac grease all over their $1,300 Gucci purses. Or maybe the presence of the Golden Arches was just a bad fit for one high-end shopping mall in Milan, Italy.

A McDonald’s franchise that has stood in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II mall for some 20 years has been forced out in order to make way for a new Prada store — just across the hall from an existing Prada store.

But the former McDonald’s franchisees are left steaming. McDonald’s Italy is suing the city of Milan, which owns the Galleria, for more than $30 million in damages, citing that the bidding process the city used to find a rental tenant for the location unfairly excluded them.

As a fan of food for all socio-economic levels, it’s kinda sad to see McDonald’s get the boot in this fashion, but this is Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals.



  1. Prada or McDonald’s???… that is a difficult decision!

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